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About me


I live in the countryside near Newbury and have always had a love of  horses and animals, leading to them being the main subject of my work. I paint and draw in my spare time as I work full time in an office based equestrian company. I am also currently studying for both work related and equine related exams.


I am a self taught artist  and although I studied art at sixth form, it has only  been since I have left school that I have developed my skills in portraiture I take a lot of time over my work and an A4 pencil portrait will usually take me a minimum of 15 hours as I like to ensure I am capturing the subject to the best of my ability.


When working for commission I prefer to meet the subject and take my own photographs, as I then get a good feel for  the character and also the owner. However, if a very high quality image can be supplied (ideally in digital format) and it is a good composition, I would be happy to use it.  

I currently charge £85 for a single A4 pencil portrait, excluding p&p.

Please contact me for more information and further prices.